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Humanities and Social Sciences, Cornwall

Exeter Law School Cornwall / Skol an Lagha Karesk

About the Law School Cornwall

Active and experiential learning lies at the heart of the interdisciplinary law modules and programmes offered here in the Law School in Cornwall. You will take part in mock trials, negotiations and advocacy whether you choose law as a major, dual honours or minor subject for your degree. Our goal is to support each one of our students who make their learning home with us to enable them to develop their skills to be the most useful person in the room, by the time they graduate. We focus particularly on developing your abilities in using legal and other academic sources precisely and effectively to advocate and make your case using excellent oral and written skills.

The Law School offers students a pathway into the interrelated fields of law and business through two undergraduate degree programmes: LLB Law with Business and BBL Bachelor of Business and Laws. The programmes are provided in a collaboration with the University of Exeter Business School that is unique to the Penryn campus, allowing us to focus particularly on environmental and sustainability in law and policy and in organisations.

We also offer a minor pathway where you can acquire with proficiency in law or environmental law by studying up to 60 credits of law duing your time with us. Together we are able to provide students with a wide range of programme opportunities to bolster employability and the development of professional skills.

Many of our students also choose to study a four year degree with us; this can be either an LLB/BBL with Professional Placement (within a law firm or an in-house legal team), or an LLB/BBL with Industrial Placement: placement in a professional (non-legal) business environment.

"I enjoy that LLB Law with Business offers a unique learning opportunity by combining the two principles together. It’s particularly great for me as I have an interest in going into corporate/commercial law."

"Lecturers are always supportive and helpful all the time. I’ve made a lot of friends, have settled in well… and of course it’s nice to be near the beach!"

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LLB Law with Business (International Student Hong Kong)

Our student focussed approach to teaching & learning

Our academic and support staff are committed to education and to providing unparalleled support to our students, who benefit from being on a campus which has close-knit and vibrant teaching communities. Getting to know our students, including their career aspirations, is core to what we do, allowing us to provide relevant support and advice throughout each year.

Our BEAR learning strategy is made up for four key components:

Our programmes are designed to build on the complementarity between law and business. There is little - perhaps nothing - in business that is unaffected by law; similarly, much of law is shaped by and spoken to by our thinking about business. The programmes are therefore taught by specialists from both areas, blending expertise to equip students with a unique set of interdisciplinary skills.

Our students 'learn by doing' from their first week at university. Working collaboratively with other students in small groups (which we call 'law firms'), they learn about teamwork, participate in mock trials, advise real businesses, draft mock legal documents, and more besides. We believe that law is a social practice which is better understood when it is experienced - so we seek to go beyond 'book-learning' and to give students a sense of the reality of law.

We encourage and support enquiry-led learning that enables students to be active participants in their own education. To achieve this, we design teaching exercises and assessments to allow students to investigate how the law works, to interrogate it, and to learn how to articulate their own arguments effectively. In each year of study, students work on their own research projects in which they are encouraged to explore their own interests and passions.

Outside of formal teaching, we host weekly 'Law Labs': a space for students from all years of study to come together and discuss topical issues, learn study skills practically, and to build confidence in taking a position in front of others.

Our programmes are designed with employability in mind. Learning experiences are purposefully tailored to develop skills (such as teamwork and independent working) which are transferable to the workplace after graduation. Students participate in practical learning opportunities and events to learn about 'real life' problems in law and business and develop commercial awareness, and benefit from our professional connections.

Our collaboration with the University of Exeter Business School

Our collaboration with the University of Exeter Business School is unique to the Penryn Campus. Our Law and Business programmes align with the Exeter Business School's mission to deliver outstanding and innovative business education and research that address the major challenges confronting businesses and society.

Our innovative Law and Business programmes are co-delivered by both the Exeter Law School and the Exeter Business School and are truly interdisciplinary. They blend together law and business in ways which encourage students to learn how law influences business and business influences law. Upon completion our students will be better equipped to understand how law and business work, but also how business and law can work together better. The emphasis on content, skills, and collaboration that runs through our programmes is potentially powerful and transformative. And it has attracted an exceptionally diverse and talented cohort of students for our first year of delivery.

The internationally triple accredited University of Exeter Business School has established itself as one of the UK’s leading institutions. They've achieved this by striving to be the best they can be, bringing together inspirational and internationally-respected business teachers from around the world in an environment that combines historical and intellectual heritage with modern and world-relevant curriculum and facilities.

Students at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels are consistently measured at the very top of performance indicators; they also rank amongst the most satisfied and most successfully employed students in the UK, with the School being ranked first in the UK for graduate outcomes (HESA DLHE 2016/2017). Research conducted at the University of Exeter is internationally respected, and is helping to shape the world we live in. They are as ambitious as an institution as the students and staff that come to study with them, who are from a wide range of countries and backgrounds.

The Business School continues to invest in the very highest calibre teaching staff and facilities in order to cement its place as a world leading business school. They're committed to innovative research and building relationships with industry and society. They are also equally committed to ensuring their students leave the University having had a great time, with all the skills and knowledge they need to build exciting and fulfilling careers.

Looking to join us to study?

We're looking forward to welcoming you to the University of Exeter, to Cornwall, and to your journey of discovery through law and business. We know that different students have different experiences and expectations of university life. If you have any other questions, you're welcome to get in touch with us.